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Major Characters
    There are no major characters currently starting with F.
Minor Characters
  Picture of F.R.I.D.A.Y
Picture of Falcon
Picture of Fandral
Picture of Father Lantom
Father Lantom
Picture of Felix Blake
Felix Blake
  Picture of Foggy Nelson
Foggy Nelson
Picture of Francis (Henchman)
Francis (Henchman)
Picture of Frigga
Obscure Characters
  Picture of Faisal Ahmed
Faisal Ahmed
Picture of Felix (Robbie Reyes Associate)
Felix (Robbie Reyes Associate)
Picture of Finn Cooley
Finn Cooley
Picture of Flash Thompson
Flash Thompson
Picture of Fletcher Heggs
Fletcher Heggs
  Picture of Fran
Picture of Francis Noche
Francis Noche
Picture of Francisco Rodriguez
Francisco Rodriguez
Picture of Frank (Homeless Veteran)
Frank (Homeless Veteran)
Picture of Frank (Yellowjacket Victim)
Frank (Yellowjacket Victim)
  Picture of Frank Levin
Frank Levin
Picture of Franklin Hall
Franklin Hall
Picture of Fred Wells
Fred Wells
Picture of Frederick (Ghost)
Frederick (Ghost)
Picture of Fredo Diaz
Fredo Diaz
  Picture of Fyodor
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