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Major Characters
  Picture of Karen Page
Karen Page
Minor Characters
  Picture of Kaecilius
Picture of Kaminsky
Picture of Karl Mordo
Karl Mordo
Picture of Kebo
Picture of Kilgrave
  Picture of Kyle (Harold Meachum Assistant)
Kyle (Harold Meachum Assistant)
Obscure Characters
  Picture of Karla Faye Gideon
Karla Faye Gideon
Picture of Kathleen Sparr
Kathleen Sparr
Picture of Katie Thompson
Katie Thompson
Picture of Katya Belyakov
Katya Belyakov
Picture of Katya Belyakov (Framework)
Katya Belyakov (Framework)
  Picture of Kelly Cooley
Kelly Cooley
Picture of Ken (Soldier)
Ken (Soldier)
Picture of Kenneth (Director)
Kenneth (Director)
Picture of Kenneth Turgeon
Kenneth Turgeon
Picture of Kenneth Turgeon (Framework)
Kenneth Turgeon (Framework)
  Picture of Kevin (Joey Gutierrez Associate)
Kevin (Joey Gutierrez Associate)
Picture of King
Picture of King T[appost]Chaka
King T[appost]Chaka
Picture of Kirk Vogel
Kirk Vogel
Picture of Klaus Erskine
Klaus Erskine
  Picture of Koko
Picture of Korath
Picture of Kraglin Obfonteri
Kraglin Obfonteri
Picture of Kropsky (Akela Amador Contact)
Kropsky (Akela Amador Contact)
Picture of Kurse
  Picture of Kurt (Scott Lang Associate)
Kurt (Scott Lang Associate)
Picture of Kyle (Store Clerk)
Kyle (Store Clerk)
Picture of Kyle Zeller
Kyle Zeller
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