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Major Characters
    There are no major characters currently starting with V.
Minor Characters
  Picture of Vanessa Marianna
Vanessa Marianna
Picture of Vernon Masters
Vernon Masters
Picture of Victor Ramon
Victor Ramon
Picture of Victoria Hand
Victoria Hand
Picture of Vincent (Ghost)
Vincent (Ghost)
  Picture of Violet (Daniel Sousa Associate)
Violet (Daniel Sousa Associate)
Picture of Vision
Picture of Vladimir Ranskahov
Vladimir Ranskahov
Picture of Volstagg
Obscure Characters
  Picture of Vanchat (Weapons Dealer)
Vanchat (Weapons Dealer)
Picture of Vasily Karpov
Vasily Karpov
Picture of Vera (Peggy Carter Associate)
Vera (Peggy Carter Associate)
Picture of Vera Brezneva
Vera Brezneva
Picture of Vice President Rodriguez
Vice President Rodriguez
  Picture of Victor (Drug dealer)
Victor (Drug dealer)
Picture of Vijay Nadeer
Vijay Nadeer
Picture of Vijay Nadeer (Framework)
Vijay Nadeer (Framework)
Picture of Viktor Orlov
Viktor Orlov
Picture of Vilca (Camilla Reyes Subordinate)
Vilca (Camilla Reyes Subordinate)
  Picture of Vin-Tak
Picture of Vinorovsky
Picture of Vladimi (Mafia)
Vladimi (Mafia)
Picture of Vulture
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