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Flashback Issue
Iron Man: Fast Friends #2
5: Iron Man: Fast Friends #2
"Fast Friends, Part II"
After his battle with Iron Monger, Stark is debriefed by Agent Coulson.
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Published: September 30, 2008
Editor: Joe Quesada
Artist: Ronan Cliquet
Pages: 15
Flashback Issue
The Incredible Hulk
12: The Incredible Hulk
On the run from the military, Bruce Banner searches for a cure for his unique condition, but when a sample of his blood falls into the wrong hands, he will need the Hulk to combat a new menace...
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Rated: PG-13
Released: June 13, 2008
Director: Louis Leterrier
Writer: Zak Penn
Flashback Issue
The Consultant
13: The Consultant
The Avengers Initiate is given permission to proceed but with one caveat. Finding the strings attached unacceptable, S.H.I.E.L.D plans to ensure they can move forward without any obstruction.
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Flashback Issue
Captain America: The First Avenger
25: Captain America: The First Avenger
In the 1940's, the Nazi party gives rise to a dangerous new faction: Hydra! A sterling young American patriot named Steve Rogers, strengthened by the recently perfected super-soldier serum, joins the war effort to combat the budding evil.
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Rated: PG-13
Released: July 22, 2011
Director: Joe Johnston
Writer: Christopher Markus
Flashback Issue
146: Ant-Man
Working class hero and convicted felon Scott Lang is recruited by tech genius Hank Pym to help stop an escalating danger within his old company, Pym Technologies.
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Rated: PG-13
Released: July 17, 2015
Director: Peyton Reed
Writer: Edgar Wright
Flashback Issue
Captain America: Civil War
197: Captain America: Civil War
As superhuman battles have grown increasingly destructive, the governments of the world draft a new law to put super powered individuals under government control. Opinions on the law are split, and so are the Avengers. With personal stakes for many of the heroes, can they reach an agreement without escalating violence?
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Rated: PG-13
Released: May 6, 2016
Director: Joe Russo
Writer: Stephen McFeely
Flashback Issue
Spider-Man: Homecoming
257: Spider-Man: Homecoming
Synopsis Unavailable.
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Rated: PG-13
Released: July 7, 2017
Director: Jon Watts
Writer: John Francis Daley
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