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Highest Rated Listing: The Last Day
Lowest Rated Listing: Spider-Man: Homecoming Prelude #1

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billstar2 Says:
No Regrets: I've complained a bit about the predictability of the show at times but this episode isn't one of them. Some old faces and some new. Kind of like the direction it's taking.
Urgat Says:
Ant-Man - Scott Lang: Small Time: Great insight on the character of Scott Lang in the MCU and what drives him. Lawful Chaotic I would say...

I really like these Infinite Comics!
billstar2 Says:
Identity and Change: The reason I commented on this episode...the soap made me do it.
Possibly the best part of this one is Coulson doing what he does best. Having another fan boy moment.
Urgat Says:
Ant-Man Prelude #2: Better part of the Two...some nice action in this one. Some more explanation on the background of what Hydra is doing there would have been nice.
Urgat Says:
Ant-Man Prelude #1: Weak 1st part in a 2-part Story...just a set-up. We get to know Hank Pym a little better after the last Comic where he was introduced, this makes it at least a little bit interesting...
billstar2 Says:
Ant-Man Prelude #2: Okay story. Pym vs. Hydra.
billstar2 Says:
Ant-Man Prelude #1: Nice start for this one. I'm glad they slapped big name plates so we know who the characters are. More bad face art. Peggy looks horrible in this one.
ViktorG Says:
Watch the Game: The Invite: I watched them here:
billstar2 Says:
Ant-Man: Larger Than Life: Pym learns the rope of communicating with ants. Decent story.
Nenriel Says:
The Incredible Hulk: I know I've seen this movie multiple times, but until I rewatched it I didn't even remember that Liv Tyler was in it. Clearly not the most memorable Marvel film in my mind.
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