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Lowest Rated Listing: Spider-Man: Homecoming Prelude #2

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dano357 Says:
The Incredible Hulk: Helicopter explosions cause rainstorms on sunny days, everybody knows this.
tstarnes Says:
Parting Shot: Maybe I'm jaded. I found the end goofey. Still season 1esq AoS.
tstarnes Says:
The Inside Man: The whole "He's got my son" thing is so ... boring. They've lost the tone of the first half of the season, and are back to silly season 1 AoS.
JonahBlack Says:
Beginning of the End: I agree that Sam Jackson would be enough on his own for 5 stars, but everything in this episode is great. From Fitz and Simmons on the ocean floor, to the fight between Ward and May, to the exchange between Fury, Garrett, and Coulson.

However, the icing on the cake has to be Garrett getting Deathlok'd, only to then get disintegrated. That might be the most Joss Whedon scene in the whole season.
tstarnes Says:
Hollywood Ending: I like how this show goes from interesting period spy drama to cartoonish and back.

Sad they weren't picked up and so the show was left with a cliffhanger. But it was a great end of the season.
Shintetsuken Says:
Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude #1: Wow, Gamora is terrible. Guardians Vol 2 feels a lot more natural after this.
Urgat Says:
Cut Man: Introduction of Claire Temple, for me one of the most imnportant ones for the street-level MCU
billstar2 Says:
Cut Man: Excellent episode. The one continuous shot/fight scene was awesome.
Urgat Says:
Turn, Turn, Turn: Very nice Tie-In...I love that the viewer feels a very big impact in this series out of the impact that seems to shift the whole rest of the season or even the whole series
billstar2 Says:
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Chase #1: Really bad art. Only way to tell characters apart is the dialogue. Also, another product placement comic. Wonder how many Lexus were sold due to this comic? I'm thinking its a low number.
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