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spider-borg Says:
Maveth: I literally gasped at the end of this episode when you-know-what happened (the first time I saw this episode). Still freaking awesome!
Alex Daily Says:
3 A.M.: I'm sure this is good if what you liked about the Netflix shows was mostly, primarily, possibly exclusively, the hyper violence.
Urgat Says:
Valediction: Great conclusion and Ending with some open spots here and there to make a next season possible and making sense..
Urgat Says:
Snafu: Great Episode! The best of the season for me.
Urgat Says:
The Blitzkrieg Button: For me the weakest episode of this season..but still decent
billstar2 Says:
The Iron Ceiling: Peggy getting some recognition. Good episode.
tstarnes Says:
Bridge and Tunnel: Extra star for the joke about Magnets.
glyph65 Says:
Avengers: Zombies Assemble! #2: This is translated to English in Zombies Assemble 2 #1 to #4.
trentus Says:
Thor: Ragnorak: I can see people giving this less than 5 and the weird 80s sci fi undertones were a bit off putting at times but I still loved it. Immigrant song was up there with guardians for music choice. And Taiki Waititi as a revolutionary, kiwi talking pile of rocks is hilarious. Good luck new Doug
sbcolt15 Says:
...And Finally: Black Bolt: Wow, that series was just awful. I can't believe they ever released this garbage.
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