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Major Characters
    There are no major characters currently starting with O.
Minor Characters
  Picture of Obadiah Stane
Obadiah Stane
Picture of Odin
Picture of Okoye
Picture of Old Lace
Old Lace
Picture of Oscar Arocho
Oscar Arocho
  Picture of Oscar Clemons
Oscar Clemons
Picture of Otis Johnson
Otis Johnson
Picture of O[appost]Connor (Punisher Group Therapy)
O[appost]Connor (Punisher Group Therapy)
Obscure Characters
  Picture of Octavian Bloom
Octavian Bloom
Picture of Officer Carvalho
Officer Carvalho
Picture of Officer Cooper
Officer Cooper
Picture of Officer Corbin
Officer Corbin
Picture of Officer McCaffrey
Officer McCaffrey
  Picture of Officer Pike
Officer Pike
Picture of Officer Pinski
Officer Pinski
Picture of Officer Stuart
Officer Stuart
Picture of Officer Sullivan
Officer Sullivan
Picture of Officer Washburn
Officer Washburn
  Picture of Oliver (Newsstand)
Oliver (Newsstand)
Picture of Omar (Global Incorporated)
Omar (Global Incorporated)
Picture of Omar (Terrorist)
Omar (Terrorist)
Picture of Oscar (Wilson Fisk Thug)
Oscar (Wilson Fisk Thug)
Picture of Ott (Cybertech)
Ott (Cybertech)
  Picture of Otto Mink
Otto Mink
Picture of Ovechkin (WWII Victim)
Ovechkin (WWII Victim)
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