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Urgat Says:
Royal Dragon: I also loved the interaction between them while all of em stayed in character not really wanting to team-up (except for Danny) especially Jessica's reaction was so genuine.

The only thing that bugs me is that Stick is still not telling everything. He just says "we need to stop them all the time"
stories_stories Says:
Captain America: The First Avenger: This is a hero, role model, and leader. Marvel Studios hit the nail on the head with this movie.
stories_stories Says:
Thor: All I remember from my first time seeing this was that it was loud and reminded me a lot of Green Lantern, which I guess had just come out. I wasn't that interested in anything that happened in Asgard (or on Oa), but the stuff on Earth was not as well done.

It does get better with rewatches, though (Thor, that is).

"I need a horse!"
stories_stories Says:
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer: I wonder how often stuff like this happens to SHIELD agents.
stories_stories Says:
Iron Man 2: Not a well-made movie, but it's pretty fun. I like Hammer as a villain for Tony.
billstar2 Says:
Royal Dragon: Amazing episode for me. Love the interactions within the group. They are definitely individuals with similar goals.
Also, most times I try to catch what the title means. In this one, its pretty obvious.

Danny Rand: I'm the immortal Iron Fist.
[Luke rolls his eyes]
Matt Murdock: Come again?
Danny Rand: Sworn protector of K'un-Lun.
Jessica Jones: What are you on? Lithium?
tstarnes Says:
Royal Dragon: Holy crap, that ending.
tstarnes Says:
Worst Behavior: The end with them all coming together made the first episode and two thirds worth it,
spider-borg Says:
Agent Carter: I wish they would have used this as a pilot for the Agent Carter series instead of acting like it never happened. Such a missed opportunity.
spider-borg Says:
A Duel of Iron: I did not expect this season to leave me wanting more Iron Fist... but that's what happened.
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